Secret Car Marketing Tactics – How Your Car Dealership Can Reach Non-Intenders For Pennies and Incre

In this episode of Secret Car Marketing Tactics, we are looking at YouTube Video Ads, and how savvy car dealers and ambitious sales people are using these types of video ads to reach non-intenders for pennies and increase their sales volume with conquest vehicle shoppers. I did a great video with Mike where we share with you why targeting non-intenders instead of active vehicle shoppers is a winning solution to make more deals from customers outside of your database. If you haven’t seen the video, I strongly suggest you watch it right now. You will understand why non-intenders are prospects who are much easier to sell to than current vehicle shoppers, and why you can reach them at a fraction

Secret Car Marketing Tactics Click-By-Click Execution Plan - How To Remarket To Your Competitors Web

Today on Secret Car Marketing Tactics we are looking at Custom Affinity Audiences and how savvy automotive dealerships and sales people are leveraging a new feature in Adwords that allows you to remarket to people who have visited your competitor's Websites so you can sell more vehicles to conquest customers Now if you haven’t yet watched the video Mike and I did where we explain WHY you should consider adding Custom Affinity Audiences to your digital strategy to sell more cars, I would do it now. I made sure to include a link in the description of this video. Now here’s what you’re going to need to complete this execution plan: First, you’re going to need a Google Adwords account. If you do

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